New Year Theme

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Started a few years ago, I practice one theme for the year or New Year Goal or New Year Theme.

I still have my plans on task-oriented goals but this one New Year Goal or Theme is usually about an inner change, an area which I’d like to achieve or to improve.

For example , for this year I adopt Just Do It. It’s because I tend to analyze before I do things. Like in writing a post. I’d like to be inspired by a subject, then edit and reedit. I wait for that level of satisfaction when I feel the post is ready for publishing. I’m thinking as I punch the keys now if this post is too personal, should I post it. If you see this posted, I just did it! Or when buying something. I’d like to see and try several items . Of course, when time is of the essence, like when a deadline or an occasion date has to be met, then a choice has to be made within the time constraints. Also when these are necessities or ordinary household items, the evaluation is easier.

Looking before leaping, thinking before clicking and taking care to avoid waste with haste served me, and most of us, well . It helped me in my job and other personal projects. Sometimes, we have to let things settle to get a better picture and grasp of a situation. What I’d like to improve on is too much analysis or what is called analysis paralysis.

So when I find myself dwelling on something for some time, I’ll remind myself on my theme, Just Do It!

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