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Environment-Friendly Packaging/Packing of Long Ago

The Earth Month reminds us to be conscious of the earth, of the environment. Environmental consciousness has made us discover ways to decrease dependence on plastics if not do away with them. One such way is through packaging/packing materials. Scientists /businesses are finding ways to develop sustainable packaging /packing materials. But we can look to […]


Pangilin/pangingilin is often translated as abstinence, fasting and sacrifice (as found in the internet). In our family and my hometown in Southern Tagalog, pangilin/pangingilin means keeping the holy days holy which may involve abstinence, fasting , sacrifice, praying or simply being quiet, reflecting on the passion of Christ , of faith. It is deference or […]

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouting is alive ! I thought it has or was about to become passe , then I saw this announcement in The Manila Times. I also found its Facebook page I have a soft spot for Girl Scouting. I was a scout from grade school to high school. I have so many fond memories […]

Bridge Between Generations

WordPress Word For The Month – Bridge I grew up in a three-generation family. We stayed that way until I was eleven years old, when my grandma passed away. Our neighborhood was also full of three-generation households, the Filipinos traditionally having extended families, caring for their elders in their homes. As we interacted with different […]

Philippine T-shirt Waste Weave In Vogue?

Filipinos have traditionally used this kind of weave. This has been used in our banig(mat) using palm leaves endemic to the Philippines. Then, this kind of weave was used for t-shirt wastes to make materials like doormats, pot holders and other items. It’s a livelihood for people in Payatas , a site which used to […]

Valentine’s Day Celebration in the Philippines

The Valentine’s Day celebration practices which are probably more Filipino than the rest are the harana/singing telegram and mass weddings. Valentine’s Day celebration in the Philippines is very similar to the rest of the world’s celebration of Valentine’s Day with just the products and settings different. 1. Flowers Flowers have long been a Valentine’s Day […]

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Happy New Lunar Year! According to Julie Yap Daza in her column in Panorama on January 30, 2022, Kung Hei Fat Choi doesn’t exactly translate to Happy New Year! She said ” Most people think that’s the standard Happy New Year greeting exchanged in China and all over the world where there is a Chinatown […]

New Year Theme

Started a few years ago, I practice one theme for the year or New Year Goal or New Year Theme. I still have my plans on task-oriented goals but this one New Year Goal or Theme is usually about an inner change, an area which I’d like to achieve or to improve. For example , […]

Filipino New Year Traditions

1. Welcoming New Year with the family Families await the new year together, just like they gather on Christmas Eve. 2. Having a Media Noche The whole family partake of Media Noche at the stroke of 12 midnight which signals the change from the old year to the new. During new year’s eve, Filipino families […]


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