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Making The Most of Unexpected Happenings

We’ are so comfortable with our routines. We make plans based on expected events . But there are times when things happen contrary to our expectations. My desktop monitor conked out. This disrupted my blogging routine. I’m taking this chance now to try to blog through my cellphone. But it’s not as easy or seamless […]

The United And Disunited Nations

On October 24, 1945, 51 countries came together and formed the United Nations, or the U.N.. Its purpose was to promote peace and cooperation around the world. Today the United Nations is an organization made up of 193 countries, practically all nations in the world. And yet, we see some parts of the world at war. […]

Tagalog Sa Telebisyon – Dito at Rito, Raw at Daw, atbp.

Ang paksang tungkol sa Tagalog ay karaniwang isinusulat ko sa Buwan Ng Wika, ang buwan ng Agosto, subalit may nakita akong maling gamit ng rito sa isang magandang palabas sa telebisyon ngayon na malakas sa mga nanonood at umaani ng papuri. Hindi sana mapapansin kung sinabi o binigkas lang, ngunit ito ay nakasulat sa ibaba. […]

My Teacher When I Was Saling-Pusà

On Teachers Day 2022, I remember my teacher when I was a saling-pusà Saling-pusà, a combination of the two words sali (to join) andpusà(cat), literally means “cat joining in”.The term is used to refer to someone joining in an activity, despite not really being a full-fledged member of the group. It’s often used for young kids who are […]

Our Country Is One of The Top Ten Countries Most Vulnerable To Climate Change

Climate change is on top of discussions once more. Tyhoon Karding (international name Noru) has just devastated many of our provinces. Residential areas and farms were damaged. It’s not only in the recent times that the Philippines is visited by typhoons. But the typhoons are gettimg stronger. It used to be that we feared storm […]

Where Have All These Bookstores Gone?

We used to have so many bookstores. I remember our Canadian guest’s comment that he noticed that there were many bookstores in the Philippines even if it’s a small country. I counted in my mind the books that I’ve been to, mainly in Makati alone: In other places in Metro Manila, there was Popular Bookstore, […]

Ways to Welcome Ber Months in the Philippines

2. Some send Christmas greetings to family and friends. 3. Malls, stores and street side stalls start selling parols . Some girls and boys peddle them in streets. 4. Malls and stores change their displays/motifs to Christmas season 5. Malls and stores play Christmas carols all throughout the establishments. 6. Radio and tv stations begin […]

Buwan Ng Wika 2022

TAGALOG SA TELEBISYON AT PAHAYAGAN Ngayong Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa, pagtuonan natin ng pansin ang Tagalog na ginagamit sa Telebisyon. Naisulat ko na ang mga tagalized na English na ginagamit (nasa ibaba ang mga ito). Ngayon naman ay nais kong ibahagi ang mga Tagalog na ginagamit pero hindi tama ang pagkagamit. Bumulusok – nagagamit ito […]

Revenge Travel

 As the pandemic restrictions ease , more and more countries reopen to eager tourists, and a trendy new phrase has emerged on social media: revenge travel. According to Erika Richter, vice president of the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) “Revenge travel is a media buzzword that originated in 2021 when the world began to […]


A 7-magnitude earthquake hit different parts of Luzon and damaged various infrastructures on Wednesday morning, July 27. According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), the epicenter of the rumbling was recorded two kilometers north of Lagangilang, Abra at 8:43 a.m.It has a shallow depth of 25 km. which explained why it was […]


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