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The Other Side of U. P.

The University of the Philippines (U. P.) is known for academic excellence. It is also associated with student activism or simply activism because some members of the faculty are also vocal and are actively engaged in their advocacies. But U.P. has another side. A side which doesn’t reach the front pages of newspapers. The University […]

Philippines’ National Heroes’ Day 2021

Every last Monday of August, the Philippines celebrate National Heroes’ Day. It is a time the Filipinos pay tribute to all known or unknown individuals who contributed and sacrificed lives in the name of preserving our Philippine identity and achieving justice against tyranny, peace, and freedom. This day also commemorates the Cry of Pugad Lawin, […]

Tagalog Used in Television Newscasts and Newspapers

This is another post last year to commemorate the Philippines’ National Language Month, in Tagalog then which I translate in English now for the benefit of readers from other countries interested in languages. I also did some minor editions like I updated the list of words. August 13-19 used to be celebrated as National Language […]

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