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Filipino New Year Traditions

1. Welcoming New Year with the family Families await the new year together, just like they gather on Christmas Eve. 2. Having a Media Noche The whole family partake of Media Noche at the stroke of 12 midnight which signals the change from the old year to the new. During new year’s eve, Filipino families […]

Happy New Year!

A new year , a new beginning. It could be just another day , a beginning of yet another year. It’s largely up to us to make it meaningful. May the coming year give us hope and inspire us to embrace life with more enthusiasm and resolve to pursue our dreams. Happy New Year To […]

Christmas In Typhoon-Devastated Areas

Christmas is a season for merriment. But what if there were more reasons to be sad? I’m thinking of the victims of typhoon Odette ( with international name Rai). Odette landed in the Philippines a few days before Christmas. Many lost their loved ones. their homes, their livelihood, How was Christmas celebrated in the typhoon-devastated […]

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