Mga Puso (Hearts)

Mga Puso (Hearts)

‘Di baga maraming puso sa sagingan

(Aren’t there many hearts in a banana farm/plantation)

May puso ng saba at puso ng turdan

(There’s a saba heart, there’s a turdan heart)

May pusong dalaga, may pusu-pusuan

(There’s a maiden’s heart, there’s a fake heart)

May pusong dakila at pusong salawahan

(There’s a noble heart, and a fickle heart)

Ngunit ang puso ng magulang

(But a parent’s heart)

Ay may tunay na pagmamahal

(Has true love)

I remember that song being sung by my parents and generally everyone in our town knew the song when I was young. For the benefit of those who don’t speak Tagalog, I translated the lines to English.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


Saba banana (pron. sah-BAH or sahb-AH), is a triploid hybrid (ABBbanana cultivar originating from the Philippines. It is primarily a cooking banana, though it can also be eaten raw. It is one of the most important banana varieties in Philippine cuisine. It is also sometimes known as the “cardaba banana”, though the latter name is more correctly applied to the cardava, a very similar cultivar also classified within the saba subgroup. from Wikipedia

The Latundan banana (also called Tundansilk bananaPisang raja serehManzana banana, or apple banana) is a triploid hybrid banana cultivar of the AAB “Pome” group from the Philippines. It is one of the most common banana cultivars in Southeast Asia and the Philippines, along with Lacatan and Saba bananas . fromWikipedia

Latundan is called turdan in Southern Tagalog

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