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A Furry Tale

This is a true story of a kitten which happened in stormy October this year.

I heard a distant cry of a kitten in the night. I thought it must be a kitten which got separated from it’s family. It sounded near but we couldn’t see it. Then it was silent except for the sound of rain, the kitten must have been found. The next morning, the kitten was there in our garden. I let it sleep, then fed it.

We found out that it’s a she. I expected her to leave just like my previous furry visitors. Or her owner would come for her.

I’ve had furry visitors before.

There’s this fluffy white one. His owner came for him, spotted him when he ventured outside our gate. I learned that his name is Tofu. I was glad Tofu and his owner were reunited. Tofu still visits once in a while.

There’s this orange one. He just visits , enjoys himself, then goes back to his home. I know he has a home somewhere, he has a collar, though without a name tag.

But this kitten wouldn’t leave. She’s probably too young to find her way back to where she came from.

No one looked for her or came for her.

So I let her stay.

She’s now my pet. She’s home.