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From Manila Bulletin -Bantay Bell Tower in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. (Screenshot from Edison Aducul Facebook video)

From Tribune -A car is burried under debris from a ruined old house in Vigan city, Ilocos Sur.

A 7-magnitude earthquake hit different parts of Luzon and damaged various infrastructures on Wednesday morning, July 27. According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), the epicenter of the rumbling was recorded two kilometers north of Lagangilang, Abra at 8:43 a.m.It has a shallow depth of 25 km. which explained why it was strongly felt in Metro Manila.

I did not feel it in our place but it made me remember my scary experience of an earthquake in 1990. Per Wikipedia the 1990 Luzon earthquake struck the island of Luzon in the Philippines at 4:26 p.m. on July 16 (PDT) with an estimated moment magnitude of 7.7 . The earthquake caused damage within an area of about 20,000 square kilometers, stretching from the mountains of the Cordillera Administrative Region and through the Central Luzon region. The earthquake was strongly felt in Metropolitan Manila, destroying many buildings and leading to panic and stampedes and ultimately three deaths in the National Capital Region

From Wikipedia -The collapsed Hyatt Terraces Baguio Hotel after the earthquake in Baguio City in 1990.

I was in the 7th floor of our office building , It was so strong it felt like King Kong was shaking the building. There was a whooshing sound from the movement. All of us stopped what we were doing. Our boss told us to remain calm. We either squatted or sat on the floor near tables or under them, or held on to door jambs. Some were crying. Many were praying aloud, many were praying silently , like me. At that moment, I realized that anything could happen, and I let go and let God.

When the shaking stopped ,we all rushed outside using the stairs from the 7th floor to the ground floor. We saw some cracks on the wall on our way down, small ones but we were still afraid because we didn’t know for sure how those cracks weakened the structure. In hindsight, we thanked God that there was no stampede as everyone rushed out. When we reached the ground, outside were more people in state of shock, we saw some parked cards with small dents because of a few pieces of debris that hit them. We stayed on the same spot afraid of aftershocks . It was only after some time that we heaved a collective sigh of relief. I thanked God.