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Philippine T-shirt Waste Weave In Vogue?

Filipinos have traditionally used this kind of weave.

This has been used in our banig(mat) using palm leaves endemic to the Philippines.

From Pinterest

Then, this kind of weave was used for t-shirt wastes to make materials like doormats, pot holders and other items.

From News Presenter

It’s a livelihood for people in Payatas , a site which used to be a garbage dump.

From Childrenofthedump.org.uk

People reacted when the same weave was featured in Vogue Magazine recently. These were just some of the news in Philippine mainstream media .

Payatas weavers react to American designers’ creations that look like basahan

‘Basahan in the Philippines’: Pinoys react to Vogue Runway’s woven textile IG feature

Pinoys react to Vogue Runway’s woven textile IG feature

From Vogue

I thought, probably doormats, potholders and rags are not exactly the items that Vogue features. But then, this weave has been used by some enterprises in more fashionable items. Below are sample products of Rags2Riches ,a social enterprise that was established in 2007 and is based in the Philippines. R2R’s contributions to society lie mainly in its endeavors to alleviate poverty in Payatas, Quezon City. (Wikipedia)

From Rags2Riches
From Rags2Riches
From Rags2Riches

Probably, we’re not in the radar of Vogue magazine. We just need more exposure to be recognized internationally. How can they appreciate if they don’t know?

To my fellow Filipinos, let us tell the world of our crafts.

To the rest of the world, I introduce to you this bit of our crafts. I invite you to see and try more.