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Lines from an Old Love Song

I remember two lines only from an old love song my father used to sing but they led me to the song.

After writing Nanay’s Song for Daddy, my thoughts went to what was Daddy’s song for Nanay. The memory of Daddy regaling us with his stories flashed in my mind. Daddy was really fond of story-telling and one of these was his telling us the song he used to sing when he was still a bachelor. He sang these lines.

Kung ako’y mag-aasawa , pipiliin ko’y tahimik (If i marry, I’ll choose the quiet type)

Everyone who knew my mother will agree that my mother was a gentle woman. In fact on Mother’s day, I wrote For Mother which talked about Gentleness being real strength.

I’m not sure if this was Daddy’s song for Nanay but I distinctly remember those lines being sung by him so I searched for the song Kung Ako’y Mag-aasawa . There were several Original Pilipino Music which popped up but most of the songs were released after my father passed away and they don’t have the lines I remember. I clicked on a kundiman, even if it wasn’t popular anymore during that time the song must still be sung after it’s heyday. It was a match! I found the song sang by Ruben Tagalog, there were lines that matched the lines sang by Daddy.

Kung ako'y magaasawa (If I'll marry) by Ruben Tagalog on Amazon Music -  Amazon.com

Here’s the song with my English translation:

Kung Ako’y Mag-aasawa (If I Marry)

Ang dalagang umiibig A woman who loves
Ng dakila at dalisay Nobly and purely
Habang pinasasakitan lalong yumayabong As she experiences hardship , grows/deepens
Ang pagsintang tunay true love

Kahit mo na paluhain Even if you make her cry
Lalo ka pang susuyuin She will soothe/woo you even more
Kahit na nasa kasawian Even in defeat
Ikaw ay lilingapin She’ll care for you

Kung ako’y mag aasawa pipiliin ko’y tahimik If I marry, I’ll choose the quiet type
Ayaw ko sa paralumang salawahan sa pag-ibig I don’t like a woman who is fickle in love
Nais ko’y sariling tunay ang kanyang pag-ibig at buhay I want to be truly me/mine , her love and life/existence
Aming pagsasaluhan ligaya’t kalungkutan magpahanggang libingan We will share happiness and sadness ’til grave/death

Nais ko’y sariling tunay I I want to be truly me/mine
Ang kanyang pag-ibig at buhay her love and life/existence
Aming pagsasaluhan ligaya’t kalungkutan We will share happiness and sadness
Magpahanggang libingan ’til grave/death


Kundiman is a genre of traditional Filipino love songs. The lyrics of the kundiman are written in Tagalog. The melody is characterized by a smooth, flowing and gentle rhythm with dramatic intervals. Kundiman was the traditional means of serenade in the Philippines.

The kundiman emerged as an art song at the end of the 19th century and by the early 20th century, its musical structure was formalised by Filipino composers such as Francisco Santiago and Nicanor Abelardo; they sought poetry for their lyrics, blending verse and music in equal parts. (From wikipedia)

Nanay’s Song for Daddy

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Nanay loved this song. We used to sing it in duet when she was alive. I sang the melody and she sang the second voice. I accompanied ourselves with my guitar.

It’s a song I learned in grade school. It was nice but I didn’t think it was special. It was only when Nanay wanted to sing it that it had a special meaning for me. And by then I had matured and was more discerning of lyrics and melodies. I noticed it’s haunting melody and that the lyrics were very apt for my mother. You see, Daddy passed away 25 years ahead of Nanay and the song is about a loved one who has gone. It’s not that she moped during those years, she’s God-loving and prayerful and looked at the bright side of life. But she she really loved the song. Whenever she saw me getting my guitar, she would come near, that was my signal that we would be singing her favorite song.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

Here’s the song.

Blow, Blow Winds of the Sea

He sailed away, at break of day

As I stood there on the shore

He waved his hand and it made me cry

‘Til I found my love no more

Blow, blow, winds of the sea

My love is waiting somewhere for me

Blow , blow winds of the sea

Bring back my loved one to me

The years blow on, from dawn to dawn

I saw the ships passing by

But not a word from the one I love, since the day we said goodbye

Blow, blow, winds of the sea

My love is waiting somewhere for me

Blow , blow winds of the sea

Bring back my loved one to me

The winds blew on, and here am I

Alone with my memories

My Love has gone

But I carry on feel the winds that blow for me

Blow, blow, winds of the sea

My love is waiting somewhere for me

Blow, blow, winds of the sea

Bring back my loved one to me

I found the song in You Tube. There are minor differences in lyrics, I used the words I remember.


For non-Tagalog readers, Nanay is Tagalog for mother.