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My First Month as a Blogger


I wanted a name which would reflect what I wanted to share- something helpful, something informative, and something joyful. I named my site Just Sharing and my username as joyfullplace.

Launch Date

I planned to launch my site on June 6, my birthday.  But I got derailed by mundane things. I searched for top free blogging sites because I wanted to test the waters first before plunging deep into blogging. When I finally decided on wordpress, I found that there are many technical things to learn. I was so careful because I didn’t know which ones could be edited and polished later; I didn’t want to leave a permanent unwanted item on my blog.  But I was determined to have my site  launched before August because August have several events I could write about , like ongoing lockdown/quarantine because of Covid-19 , the Buwan ng Wika ( Language Month) and Araw ng Mga Bayani ( National Heroes Day).  I could easily publish relevant articles. So I launched my site on July 30, 2020. 

My First Post

My first post was really simple, Welcome! where I welcomed my readers and wrote my objectives. I hope I was able to transmit positivity with it.

First Readers

My first readers were my family members who I informed to get their feedback on my second post Positive Realizations in the days of Covid-19 . I also wanted to share my blog with them.  Following were my friends whose pictures I used for my third post, Creative and Productive Ways to Survive Lockdown/Quarantine .  I informed them to let them know about my usage of their pictures as well as to let them know that I have started blogging.

My first Likes

I got my first 2 likes on my sixth post Warm Thoughts on Rainy Days . It made me so happy. I had my likes! And they were from outside my country! They’re not my friends nor relatives!  My enthusiasm soared. Thank you first likers, you made a newbie blogger happy. The next post Traditional Filipino Family Names /, didn’t attract any likes.  And I was pulled back to earth and to reality.

My First Followers

My first followers are my first likers too. They are also bloggers, with many followers already.


Pictures and catchy titles

I noticed that what attract readers are pictures or titles that catch their attention. I am tempted to write more on my travels and post pictures. I look at my topics and see if the title capture the gist of my write-up in an interesting way that would merit a second look and a click.

Universal appeal

Also, universal subject matters appeal to more readers and topics confined to a specific concern of a specific locality must appeal to a specific audience too.

Frequency, regularity of posts

I followed those who followed me who have many followers already. They post regularly, sometimes more than once a day.

It’s nice to have likes and followers but it’s also nice to be able to write about things that make sense or matter to me and express from inside me through words or pictures. I’d like to be true to myself, to write about topics that I feel strongly about. I hope I can find that happy combination where I write about the things I’m passionate about and find an audience with whom the ideas resonate.  I have a long way to go, but am glad I made the first step.