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How Do You Greet At Noontime?

Photo by Bob Clark on Pexels.com

In the Philippines we say Magandang Tanghali when it’s noontime, literally Good Noon. People say it from around 11:00 am to 12: 55 pm. It’s Good Afternoon starting at 1:00 pm or around that time, no set time is strictly followed.

I searched the internet for a greeting at noontime. It said that after 12:00 noon, the greeting is Good Afternoon or Good Day which is translated as Magandang Araw in Filipino. There is no Good Noon even at 12:00 o’clock sharp. That is in the USA.

I searched Magandang Tanghali in other languages. Nothing came up, just Good Morning which is Magandang Umaga, Good Afternoon which is Magandang Hapon and Good Evening which is Magandang Gabi.

Is Google missing anything or is there really no equivalent in other languages?

It’s probably trivial but it’s a part of our culture that is worth knowing and keeping. Little things make up the whole.

Old Christmas Cards

Old Christmas cards, the ones in hard copy, are special. They contain the personal touch of the sender, heartwarming thoughts in the sender’s handwriting and his signature. They preserve happy memories of Christmas. They can be bought or self-made like the ones made by my nephews and nieces when they were much younger..

Old Christmas cards can last a lifetime. They are forever accessible unlike digital greeting cards which may easily be rendered obsolete and inaccessible by ever changing technology.

Below are some of them:





Saudi Arabia

United Kingdom