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Christmas In Typhoon-Devastated Areas

Christmas is a season for merriment. But what if there were more reasons to be sad? I’m thinking of the victims of typhoon Odette ( with international name Rai). Odette landed in the Philippines a few days before Christmas.

Many lost their loved ones.

Death toll from Typhoon Odette rises to 18 • l!fe • The Philippine Star
From Philstar

their homes,

Residents salvage what's left of the their damaged homes caused by Typhoon Rai in Cebu city on Friday, December 17, 2021.
From CNN

their livelihood,

Super Typhoon Rai slams into the Philippines as rescue operations get  underway - CNN
From CNN

How was Christmas celebrated in the typhoon-devastated areas?

People made the most of what they have,

Borongan brgy residents make Christmas tree from bamboo | ABS-CBN News
Typhoon-Ravaged Philippines Villages Celebrate Christmas | TIME.com
From World

Kept the faith and hope,

Catholics In Philippines Turn To Church To Cope With Typhoon : NPR

Shared goods

Residents liken Typhoon Odette to Yolanda, Sendong
From CNN Philippines

some shared their homes

Christmas spirit, life in Bohol despite injury from Odette – Filipino News
From The Filipino News

kids still smiled, wished

Odette Survivors Wish for Roofs, Food on Christmas Day
From Reportr World

and celebrated Christmas with their families.

Even without electricity, food and even a place to live, some Surigao City residents are looking for a way to still remember Christmas despite being devastated by Typhoon Odette. Anjo Bagaoisan, ABS-CBN News