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Ber Months

Ber months , as we call them, are September, October , November and December, for obvious reasons. In the Philippines, September marks the onset or start of anticipation of the Christmas season. Some radio stations start playing Christmas carols albeit sparingly . Department stores start displaying Christmas decorations and items. Some people start to prepare their Christmas shopping list and some send greetings.

I wondered how things would be with the new normal because of the pandemic.

Here’s what I’ve observed:

On September 1, I received a few greetings linked to Christmas songs e.g.

On September 2, I went to the mall to buy groceries and found Christmas display in the department store of the mall. The piped-in music played mall-wide included Christmas carols. But the shoppers were there for the essentials, despite the many Sale offers.

I haven’t heard Christmas carols playing through the radio but I’ve read accounts of people who have heard Christmas carols with mixed emotions.

It’s an indication of our wish to go back to what we’ve always considered as normal, a hope that towards December we would be celebrating the Christmas season as we have celebrated year after year and probably happier if we have triumphed over the unseen enemy by then . Hope springs eternal.