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Campus Humor

From Spot.ph
Sakay na, Iskolar: Ang kalbaryong dinaranas ng TOKI at IKOT jeeps – Tinig  ng Plaridel
From Tinig Ng Plaridel, The Official Publication of the UP College of Mass Communication

In the University of the Philippines, where I earned my college degree, there’s  a jeepney called “Ikot”. (Literally meaning to turn or go around because the jeepney just goes around the campus). We rode Ikot to go from one building to another specially when we’re in a hurry or the building where we’re going to is far from the building we’re coming from. One day it was raining and I carried my umbrella. I rode an  “ikot” and as I got seated, I held my dripping umbrella near me, but not too near lest the rain water from the umbrella drip on me or my seatmate. Then I dropped it on the floor near my feet as what the others were doing. A foreign student then rode the jeep with his own dripping umbrella and stepped on mine. I muttered “Oh”. He looked at me and smiled. I expected him to say “Sorry”, he said, “It’s all right”.