Making The Most of Unexpected Happenings

We’ are so comfortable with our routines. We make plans based on expected events . But there are times when things happen contrary to our expectations.

My desktop monitor conked out. This disrupted my blogging routine. I’m taking this chance now to try to blog through my cellphone. But it’s not as easy or seamless transition to a new gadget as I expected. Still, there has to be another way , an alternative .

Then there was the last typhoon. We are still experiencing typhoons, not really unexpected because even if the typhoon months are June to August, we still get them up to November, even December though not as many. What I didn’t expect was the prolonged brown out. We do experience power outages during typhoons but they have been for short periods only of late which was even lauded by one opinion writer. I took the chance to play the piano again. Late that night, I continued and finished a book I’ve started reading months ago.

The biggest unexpected occurence was the pandemic Covid. Our plans and our daily routines were disrupted by lockdowns and restrictions from health protocols. We had to find ways to survive the pandemic. It was when I started blogging, something that had been in my mind. Many have found other ways. I wrote about my observations in my post Creative and Productive Ways To Survive Quarantine/Lockdowns. The lockdowns and confinement at home also gave me more time to be with my thoughts, be more pensive. I captured my thoughts in my post Positive Realizations in the Days of Covid-19.

We’re not in control in all instances . There are fortuitous events. We have to have a plan B or find ways to make the most of unexpected happenings.. And some of these unexpected occurences can lead to positive realizations, new or better ways, or rediscovery of forgotten passions/ hobbies which make our souls sing.


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