Ways to Welcome Ber Months in the Philippines

  1. A day before September many send memes of Jose Mari Chan who has become a symbol of Christmas in the Philippines since his composition Christmas in our Hearts became a hit. After this success he composed more Christmas songs and has just announced his new album this year- Going Home To Christmas.
From GMA Network
From Inquirer.net

2. Some send Christmas greetings to family and friends.

3. Malls, stores and street side stalls start selling parols . Some girls and boys peddle them in streets.

4. Malls and stores change their displays/motifs to Christmas season

5. Malls and stores play Christmas carols all throughout the establishments.

6. Radio and tv stations begin their countdowns to Christmas.

7. Radio stations play Christmas carols , sparingly in September then becoming more often as Christmas nears.

8. Some establishments light parols on September 1.

9. Stores sell Christmas decors and ornaments.

10. Some homes start hanging parols and Christmas lights.

11. Offices/organizations start planning their Christmas parties. The date and venues are important because many Christmas parties are held and there’s a rush to reserve a venue or party place.

12. The government and media start monitoring the prices of Christmas items specially those used for the traditional Christmas Dinner and Noche Buena.

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