Girl Scouts

Girl Scouting is alive ! I thought it has or was about to become passe , then I saw this announcement in The Manila Times.

I also found its Facebook page

I have a soft spot for Girl Scouting. I was a scout from grade school to high school. I have so many fond memories of girl scouting. It’s a fun way to learn , ingrain values and discover talents, skills and potentials. As the Girl Scout of the Philippines (GSP) says : The GSP Program provides space for a girl to maximize her fullest potential to become a responsible and productive member of society.

I was a brownie. Then GSP had Star Scouts in lieu of brownies. It was a lesson in economy. Brownies had brown uniforms but star scouts wear the same green uniform as the junior and senior scouts just differentiated by either scarves, pins , patches or belt. In this manner, a girl can progress to higher levels without buying new ones if the current one still fits.

As a brownie, we were not allowed to go camping but we stayed overnight in the Girl Scout Headquarters. It was our first experience in independence. Yes, there were elders, but it was a first to be away from our mommies ,daddies and siblings. We learned how to mind our own things, make our beds/cots and helped in our assigned chores. We also learned to socialize with other girls , not necessarily our classmates or friends and develop new friendships.

Camping was a wonderful experience. GSP says, camping provides adventures that prepare Girl Scouts for life. Camps develop positive values, leadership, friendliness, and willingness to serve. Indeed, from my experience I learned these values. Being a Troop leader was an experience in leadership. And even if you’re not a Troop Leader, leaders are assigned for activities like games, presentations in gatherings such as campfires and similar activities. Friendliness is effortlessly achieved as Girl Scouts interacted with each other. A leadership assignment is in a way an occasion to serve, as the leader balances her actions from taking the lead to letting others do their preferred activities or to showcase their talents in presentations.

Girl Scouting also made us civic minded. I remember when we cleaned our town plaza , a small way really, but significant because not being conscious or mindful of litters is a cause for concern, not only in terms of orderliness and beauty of a place, but in the broader concept of proper waste disposal and preserving the environment. We were also involved in tree planting activities.

There were also international gatherings. It’s a chance to meet and mingle with other Girl Scouts from around the world and learn about their customs and ways. It’s a fun and unobtrusive way of forging friendship across nations. The international event can be held in the Philippines or other countries. If it’s held outside, then it’s a chance to see another part of the world.

Truly, core values are ingrained through carefully designed activities. Girl Scouting teaches many things to young girls and it’s done in an engaging and enjoyable way.

So parents, let your young girls be Girl Scouts. They will have wholesome fun and learn so much in the process.

Girls, go for the fun of it, and the bonus is, you’ll learn a lot. Or, go for the learning and the bonus is, you’ll enjoy it.

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