Bridge Between Generations

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I grew up in a three-generation family. We stayed that way until I was eleven years old, when my grandma passed away. Our neighborhood was also full of three-generation households, the Filipinos traditionally having extended families, caring for their elders in their homes. As we interacted with different generations, we learned from each other, and grown to appreciate and respect each other.

I imbibed love of family and family values in this environment. Nowadays, a three-generation set-up is less common but family bonding is done through family visits, joint activities and gatherings on special occasions like baptism and weddings, and holidays like Christmas.

I observed and lived the way of life of my grandparents and parents. Many of their ways which we took for granted as normal is now considered frugal living

I learned the basics of cooking just by watching my mother and asking a few questions here and there about her cooking.

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My siblings and I developed our faith through our family shared activities like going to church and the reading of the Pasion during Lent.

I heard about kundimans and other aspects of the Filipino culture through the story-telling of my father.

I get updated in social media apps by my nephews and nieces.

The passing of information is not one-way from the older generation to the younger one. Sometimes, it’s the other way around specially concerning technology. It’s more of an exchange of knowledge.

What matters is involvement in and appreciation of each other. Engagement in shared activities bridges the gap between generations.

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