Mei-Wen and Qing Long- A Children’s Book

About The Book

The book is about Mei-Wen , a young girl, and her favorite dragon toy Qing Long which came to life. It is about their magical journey as they travel across an enchanted kingdom and encounter creatures and count down the numbers in both English and Chinese.

The book helps the child reader in many ways in an engaging manner. It stirs the imagination as the journey unravels. The count down introduces numbers and counting. A glossary at the end of the book describing the objects/creatures and their significance in Chinese folklore enhances the child’s appreciation and knowledge of different cultures.

About The Author

Joanne Ling is an Electrical Engineer by profession. She is a Malaysian Chinese . She was educated in Malaysia until her secondary education. She studied in the United Kingdom for her higher education where she met her future husband, a Filipino, Randel Tolentino. They now have a daughter, Karin. The family resides in the United Kingdom but visits Malaysia and the Philippines.

Where To Buy The Book

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