Philippines’ National Heroes’ Day 2021

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Every last Monday of August, the Philippines celebrate National Heroes’ Day. It is a time the Filipinos pay tribute to all known or unknown individuals who contributed and sacrificed lives in the name of preserving our Philippine identity and achieving justice against tyranny, peace, and freedom.

This day also commemorates the Cry of Pugad Lawin, a revolt that started the 1896 Philippine Revolution against the Spanish empire along with the long struggle of Filipinos for the country’s independence.

National Heroes’ Day was initially celebrated on the 30th of November — the same day as the birth of revolutionary Andres Bonifacio who founded Katipunan ,a secret society of anti-Spanish colonialism Filipinos in Manila in 1892. its primary goal was to gain independence from Spain through a revolution.

In 1952, President Elpidio Quirino moved the date of National Heroes Day to the last Sunday of August through Administrative Order No. 190, s. 1952.

Then the Administrative Code of 1987 of late President Corazon Aquino adopted the Executive Order No. 292, Book 1, Chapter 7, which provided for a list of regular holidays and nationwide special days, setting National Heroes Day as a regular holiday celebrated on the last Sunday of August.

On July 24, 2007, former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed into law Republic Act No. 9492, which amended Book 1, Chapter 7 of the Administrative Code.

The National Heroes’ Day is now celebrated every last Monday of August.

In this pandemic situation our modern day heroes include :

the frontliners ,

the law /protocol enforcers,

community pantry donors, 

Modern Day Bayanihan: The Rise of Community Pantries | BCG
From Baguio City Guide

teachers in the barrios who deliver modules to their students in whatever condition,

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 236709.jpg
From SunStar Davao Teachers walk for an hour or more and cross two rivers on horseback

bread winners in the family ,

the caregiver in the family taking care of family members in home quarantine or home care and

everyone who contributed in the way they know , whether great or simple, directly or indirectly related to health.


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2 thoughts on “Philippines’ National Heroes’ Day 2021

    1. joyfullplace Post author

      Hi sorry for the late reply, had to attend to some activities.

      From the materials that I’ve read on the subject there was really no reason specified. There’s mention of setting Nov. 30 which is the birthdate of Andres Bonifacio as Bonifacio Day.



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