It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Normal

Everywhere we go, there are signs of the new normal.

If we go to the malls, they’re there

Social distancing is enforced

Two-way traffic within the mall

When we nurture our spiritual side, we have to abide by the health protocol.

Alcohol near the font.

Contact tracing via QR code or form.

30% capacity inside churches with social distancing.

Face masks and face shields are required

Simbang Gabi or Dawn Mass on TV

Simbang Gabi ends , the sun has risen.

If we go for a walk or jog we have to wear our protective gears.

We work from home, conduct meetings from home.

Meet-up with friends are via digital media.

We thought when 2020 was over, we could go back to the life we knew , and enjoyed and took for granted. But it’s now 2021 and vaccines are now ready but new COVID variants are surfacing . We still have to live with the “new normal”.

We just have to remember the positive aspects.

Online meetings have advantages. It’s easier to set meetings. Attendance is easier too because we don’t have to go through traffic and in the process aggravate it wit our car /commute added to it. Resetting is easier if something comes up and the quorum is not met.

Working from home has it’s advantages. We are more in control of our time. We don’t have to dress up in our office wear. And we also avoid and don’t contribute to traffic.

And there’s less traffic as i observe when I have to go out.

Attending church services via TV or online streaming allows us to attend anywhere, even masses outside our countries if we want.

There are other positive aspects as I wrote during the early days of the pandemic.

There’s life during the pandemic, let’s make it a good one!

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